Asics Hydration Vest Performance Backpack


 Extremely light and functional Asics Hydration Vest backpack has a water jacket and many useful pockets. The Hydration Vest backpack, thanks to its light vest construction, allows you to conduct a long workout. It has a built-in1.5 liter water jacket . Wide straps connected with a zipper form a vest.There is a reflective strip along the zipper. In the lower part of the front, the backpack has four pockets with a rubber cuff and above two pockets with a welt. On the front there are two large mesh pockets finished with a rubber welt. The main compartment of the backpack has a separate pocket for the flask. There is also a small pocket with a zipper. The backpack is made of lightweight materials that are tear resistant. It also has adjustable straps so that we can adjust it to each other.
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